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We will open our first physical store at Shinjuku Lumine 2 on Friday, September 2, 2022.
In commemoration of the grand opening and the brand's 2nd anniversary, we will be offering a variety of content, including the release of novelty and store-limited remake items, and the gift of original icing cookies limited to the opening day.
We look forward to your visit.



``'' is based on the concept of ``freeing up the new era, being more yourself,'' and the designer incorporates a mix-up of Tokyo from the 90s, which had many influences, and the real Tokyo of today into its items. Masu.

Each item has removable sleeves and can be worn in the front or back, allowing you to wear it in a variety of ways, and you can cherish it for a long time.

Each person can dress in a variety of ways.

The style of ``'' is created freely by each wearer.


The store that will be exhibiting at LUMINE for the first time will have a completely new design with a more inorganic look than the previous

This is a concept store that uses the brand color red as a focal point and expresses the brand through records and comics, which are also part of the brand identity.

September 2022 will mark the brand's 2nd anniversary.
In conjunction with the opening of our new store, we are preparing a variety of novelties and gifts.


・Visit benefits / Icing Cookie - COOKIE BOY

On the opening day, icing cookie artist COOKIE BOY (Intagram:@_cookieboy_) will give away icing cookies made in the style of's distinctive price tag to the first 200 people who visit.



For customers who purchase over 15,000 yen including tax
We will be distributing novelty exchange coupons for coins/card cases that can be handed over when you return to the store after September 30th.

It is designed to be worn around the neck and is easy to use as a fashion accessory, even though it can hold credit cards and transportation ICs.The design features the brand color red as the focal point.

*This item will be given to you for purchases of 15,000 yen or more including tax.
*This is a novelty item available only at 2 Shinjuku Lumine stores.
*Official online store will be distributed to customers who purchase after September 30th *It will end as soon as the upper limit is reached.


・OUTER Pre oder / Arm Warmer - NOVELTY PRESENT

LUMINE Shinjuku 2 will be taking advance orders for some AW outerwear for one week from the opening date.
Customers who purchase in advance will receive 10% off, as well as
We will be distributing novelty exchange coupons for arm warmers that can be given to you when you return to the store after September 30th.

The arm warmers are finished in an impressive red color that becomes a focal point of styling.
You can enjoy styling it with outerwear and tops.

*Advanced outerwear will be distributed to customers who place orders.
*This is a novelty item available only at 2 Shinjuku Lumine stores.
*This event will not be held at the official online store.
*The offer will end as soon as the upper limit is reached.


・REWORK ITEM / Archive + New Line-up

Remake items that have been sold for a limited time every time we have held a pop-up store in the past.

A standard item in the remake lineup,
・Maison Margiela AIDS T-shirt drawstring bag ・Champion reverse weave back rib tops ・Levis bandana switching denim will continue to be remanufactured and are available in a full lineup.

from left)
Price 27,500(TAX IN)
Price 18,700(TAX IN)
Price 16,500(TAX IN)

Also, new

・Multi-way shirt using Wrangler Western shirt's US design ・OLD COACH × Art bag processed by artist

Two types will be added to the lineup as new remake items. incorporates modern mood into vintage items that have been worn in various cultures, reconstructs them, and continues to develop them.


・Autumn Line-up / Retro MONOTONE

When the store opens in September, the store will have a 180-degree change from its previous lineup.'s third Autumn collection is set in monochrome tranquility.
We will develop an item lineup featuring power colors that are the basis of strength.

Tops and shirts with bright colors that make an impact,
Introducing oversized yet feminine and smart haori items that can be worn in the city.

“Continue adding color little by little to a blank sheet of paper to create your own color.”


-So many women, so many styles-

style comes from you

One item, many ways to wear it

Different styles for each person

Freely enter a new era, be more you.


Shinjuku Lumine 2 2nd floor in front of CLANE Business hours: 11:00-21:00
Address: 3-38-2 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022
Access: Take the escalator on the right immediately after exiting the JR South Exit to the 2nd floor.

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