■Description based on Specified Commercial Transactions Law

Reservoir Co., Ltd.

507/508 Okazaki Building, 2-14-13 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002

Chief operations officer
Kazuma Odawara

contact address
Phone number: 03-6712-5812

≪Reception hours≫
Inquiries regarding products, delivery, payment, and online shop
Mon-Fri 9:00-17:00
*Excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays

Selling price
The sales price (tax included) is displayed for each product on the relevant page.

Product shipping charges
<About changes in shipping charges (price reduction) when using the online store>
We would like to reduce the burden on customers when ordering.
We have revised the shipping charges as follows for orders placed on our online store after 7:00 pm on Tuesday, November 1, 2022.
[Before revision]
850 yen (tax included) nationwide
*Free shipping for purchases over 20,000 yen (tax included) [After revision]
540 yen (tax included) nationwide
*Free shipping for purchases of 20,000 yen or more (tax included)

Other costs borne by the customer
We charge 10% consumption tax on each product and service ordered by our customers.

Handling returns, exchanges, etc.
We take every possible measure to check the quality of our products, but if there is any defect or damage during shipping, please contact our call center by phone or email within 8 days of receiving the product. Then, please promptly return the product to the address specified by the call center. We will cover the shipping costs and replace the item with a non-defective item. We do not accept returns or exchanges due to the customer's convenience, or cancellations after the order has been completed, so please check the product name, color number, and quantity before placing your order.

About refunds
If you use online convenience store payment methods, refunds will be made by bank transfer or cash by registered mail.
If you paid by credit card, the refund will be issued by the credit card company used. Please contact your credit card company directly for refund timing and refund methods.
No interest will be charged on debts related to refunds.

Product delivery time
Products will be delivered within 2 weeks after payment is confirmed on business days (excluding weekends and holidays).
If you choose bank transfer as your payment method, we will ship the item within 2 weeks after confirming your payment.

Payment method/payment deadline
For payment, choose from credit card, convenience store payment (FamilyMart, 7-Eleven, Lawson, Ministop), carrier payment (docomo, Softbank), bank payment PayEasy, AmazonPay, Rakuten Pay, PayPal, ApplePay, GooglePay, ShopPay.
*If you have not paid for the item you previously purchased, we may not be able to accept your order.
*Transfer fees will be borne by the customer.
Credit card companies (VISA, AMERICAN EXPRESS, MasterCard, JCB) that can be used are listed above. The amount will be automatically deducted based on the terms and conditions of each card company.