led.tokyo × Chocomoo Collaboration ITEM

Illustrator Chocomoo has drawn a cat motif illustration for led.tokyo.
A T-shirt with illustrations that is easy to wear regardless of gender has been created.

SIZE GUIDE (36/38)

led.tokyo × Chocomoo B&C CAT TEE
¥7,700 (tax in)

SIZE GUIDE (36/38)

led.tokyo × Chocomoo B&C EMBROIDERY TEE
¥7,700 (tax in)

SIZE GUIDE (36/38)

led.tokyo × Chocomoo CAT N/S TEE
¥7,150 (tax in)



chocomoo gave up on wanting to be a groomer because of a cat allergy and became an illustrator, and she said, ``Although I am allergic, I love animals.''The led.tokyo management members share their thoughts on ``animal welfare.'' We came together and realized it.

In the pop and cute illustrations, there are the cultural elements of enjoying music through records, and the expressions that can be achieved through art with a pipe in its mouth, imagining freedom, are Tokyo's fashion, art, music, and movies that are the ideas of led.tokyo.・A one-of-a-kind piece created by incorporating inspiration from various cultures including manga.

An illustration by chocomoo of the cat motif illustration printed with the words "(don't) let me dow = don't let me down" from the animals' point of view and led.tokyo's message "I want you to respect animals" I'm telling you through.

Who's "Chocomoo"?

Illustrator from Kyoto.

Fascinated by the analog, unfinished beauty of monochrome colors, he began creating works in earnest around 2008.

Many of his monotone POP and original illustrations reflect subcultures such as music and movies, as well as historical backgrounds, and are attracting attention not only in Japan but also overseas.

In addition to numerous apparel brands and companies, he also provides art to popular artists.

In addition, he has clients all over the world, including New York, London, Paris, Korea, and Hong Kong, and is active in a wide range of scenes, successfully conducting creative activities such as art shows and producing collaborative items.

Size 38 is a men's size XL, so it can be worn by unisex.
With a design that is easy for anyone to use, this item is recommended as a gift.