With business expansion,
We are recruiting for the following positions.
Recruitment type
(1) Designer
(2) Designer's assistant
(3) Press
(4) SNS Marketing
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Recruitment overview
- Qualification requirements -
(1) Person with 3 years or more experience.
(2) Experience preferred. No experience required.
(3) Those with press experience in the apparel industry.
(4) Those who have experience in SNS operation and SNS marketing.

- Employment status -

(1) Full-time employee or outsourced work
(2) Outsourcing or part-time work
(3) Full-time employee or outsourced work
(4) Full-time employee or outsourced work
- Business content -

(1) Designer

As a designer, you will be making proposals for apparel for led.tokyo.
・Design creation, material selection, specification creation, ordering of subsidiary materials, etc. ・Meetings with external patterners, map creation, sample requests to manufacturers and factories, sample uploads, confirmation of corrections, etc.

(2) Designer's assistant
As a designer's assistant, you will assist with the following tasks:

・Material selection
・Creation of specifications
・Ordering of auxiliary materials, etc.
・Meetings with external patterners
・Map creation
・Request samples from manufacturers and factories
・Sample upload, correction confirmation, etc.

(3) Press
You will perform the following tasks to increase brand awareness.
・Responding to telephone calls, emails, and visitors regarding leasing and sales.
・Sample arrangement, rental arrangement, schedule adjustment
・Showroom maintenance management - Sending reports to head office
・Preparation for press day (press materials, press releases, showroom preparation)
・Planning and proceeding of events (exhibitions, press sample sales, store events) ・Combining press presentations and press days ・Managing wear information, magazine list, and communicating with offices and stores
・General work related to shooting seasonal visuals and LOOK ・Planning and progress for business expansion
(4) SNS Marketing
You will be responsible for the following tasks to strengthen communication through social marketing.
・Strategy definition and planning for SNS marketing and influencer marketing, campaign design and exposure design using Instagram, Twitter, You Tube, TikTok, etc.
・Insight analysis and operational improvement of the above existing SNS ・SNS advertising operation, creative proposals, policy planning, numerical analysis
KPI design for measures and PDCA design through numerical verification
・Coordination, operation, and analysis of SNS and EC

- Required/welcomed skills and experience -

・Those with basic PC skills (Word, Excel)
・Those with experience in SNS operation ・Those with Adobe tool skills are preferred (Photoshop, Illustrator)
・Persons with knowledge and experience in fashion ・Persons with experience in public relations work will be given preferential treatment
・Those with experience in apparel design/planning work
・Various document creation skills
・People who can sympathize with and contribute to the brand and company policy
・Experience in planning and operating SNS marketing and influencer marketing
・Those with marketing and director work experience at a web-related company ・Those who have a network of influencers or are able to develop and build relationships with influencers ・Those who have work experience in collaboration with advertising and promotion teams
・Person who has management experience of partner companies such as advertising agencies

- Desired person image -
・People who love people, fashion, and culture
・Those who can communicate with other departments and involve people beyond the team
・Those who can make their own plans, actively commit to it, and organize it.
・People who are willing to work with great discretion
・People with a sense of speed who can respond flexibly to situations
・Those who approach work with a positive attitude and have a desire to improve

- Working days and hours -

- Salary -
We will consider your experience and ability.
Work location
Okazaki Building 508, 2-14-13 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Recruitment period
Until October 15, 2022
Selection process
- Application method -

■Required documents

Resume with photo, work history

Attach the above documents and write “ ○○○ job application” in the subject line.
Please send to the email address below.

*When applying, please include your desired job type and employment type .

Applicants who pass the document screening will be contacted for an interview.

We are looking for people who can help make led.tokyo more exciting.
We look forward to your application.