So Many Styles Campaign

Style is an item that comes from you, and you can wear it in many different ways, each style free to a new era and be more you.

A styling campaign using 2023SS items will be held.
We had people with lots of individuality freely coordinate the event.
Please take a look at the realistic styling using items that can be worn in a variety of ways.


The BACK RIB series can be said to be's signature item.
In the 23 spring collection, the front is set slightly shorter while maintaining the characteristic back style.
You can enjoy a healthy skin-showing style with just one piece, or a layered style with a variety of innerwear.

- So Many Styles -

Ruuko / @rororuko

Yuri Suganuma / @yurippa93

ami / @ami_yone

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Nana Nishitani / @nana_nishitani

RIKA / @rikasato_

Momo Koyama / @nekura_ganbaro

u.akari / @ari__mj

sana / @kuromayuge

miKa / @isdmika

YURI YOSHINARI / @yoshinariyuri

yui matsunaga / @yuipiii721

Leila / @reyla__25

Mariko Kobayashi / @marinko5589


A 2-way top that can be worn as a peplum silhouette by buttoning the front button, or as a backtail by bringing the ribs to the back.
The slit can be adjusted using the concealed zipper on the sleeves, making it a piece that can be worn in a variety of ways.

- So Many Styles -

Koty / @koty______

MAI / @babydokoro

yuna / @yuna_0405

nagomi / @na__iii0614


A sweatshirt featuring a design with circular cuts on the sleeves and shoulders.
It is a piece that subtly shows off your skin and creates a feminine look, brings out a modern impression, and becomes the focal point of your styling.

- So Many Styles -

momoe. / @xoemomo

rika / @rika_________

Asami Shimizu / @mindotcom

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ASA / @asaasa320

Saki / @gosakicchi has a wide range of products that allow you to enjoy a variety of styles with just one item.
Please refer to the outfits introduced this time and enjoy your own style.

Special thanks / all Collaborators