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One item is
Can be used in many different arrangements
@___ing___mn who has worked on many many accessories

Mobile straps created by a unique combination of chains,
We create items filled with originality and passion.

⁡ing standard silver925 and surgical stainless steel,
We also have many items for people with metal allergies, such as 24kg.
Simple yet impactful,
Please take a look at these plus 1 accessories.

You can check the list at any time by logging in and adding it to your favorites.

Multi-way harness.
Separate the necklace and side ball chain.
Can also be used as a stand-alone necklace.
Also, wear two consecutively hit balls and a chain around your waist.
As a new accessory around the waist, as an extra item to your clothes
You can enjoy it.
A chain with an ing plate,
The clasp is surgical stainless steel, so it can also be used as a necklace.
I hope everyone will find other arrangements as well.
This is such an item.

Center necklace 83cm
Side ball chain each 93cm

Center necklace, side ball chain (ing plate side): 316L
Ball: CCB resin
*What is CCB resin?
Made of special material,
Plastic resin coated with paint

- Contact with sweat, cosmetics, and air may cause deterioration and discoloration such as darkening.
After use, please wipe it with a soft cloth.
You can use it for a long time if you store it in the included silver zippered container to prevent air from coming into contact with it.
Also, everything is made by hand.
-Accessories are sensitive to impacts, so please be careful not to hit or drop them.
Also, depending on the design, it may get tangled with clothing fibers or pet hair.
Please handle with care as unexpected harm may occur when putting on and taking off.

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