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This is a combination of a suiting material and a pattern with a textured surface. The key point is that it's just the right thickness, has a falling feel, and doesn't wrinkle easily.

Although the product name is ``2WAY JACKET'', it is a jacket that can be worn in infinite ways with just one piece. A timeless item that you can enjoy different expressions by changing the atmosphere depending on the clothes you match it with, the temperature, and your mood that day.
This is a highly recommended item at led.tokyo this season.

・Full-length, structured and basic style.
- If you make it short with a zipper, it will give you a trendy look that is typical of this year.
・Remove some of the buttons on the sleeves to reveal the inner layer for a layered style.
・If you remove all the sleeves, it becomes a short-sleeved jacket, and you can wear it right away.
- The key point is that you can close the collar, and when you close it, the impression completely changes, creating a more modern atmosphere.
-The sleeve length is long, so we recommend wearing it loosely with long sleeves.
- The lining of the sleeves is made of the same material as the hem, so you can roll up the sleeves and enjoy the sleeve length of your choice.

Also, the look can change dramatically depending on the items you match it with.
・Sturdy impression combined with suiting material
・Wear sweatshirt material or trendy cargo pants for a casual MIX style.
- Boyish and handsome styling when paired with shorts
・Pair it with trendy track pants for a sporty MIX look.
- Beautiful styling paired with dresses and ladylike items
- Relaxed size makes it a layered style. It is recommended not only as a tight innerwear, but also as a casual layered style by wearing a hoodie inside.

Of course, it goes perfectly with monotone. This season, styling that matches colors with BROWN is also recommended, and the combinations of BROWN×LIGHT BLUE BROWN×BLUE BROWN×RED BROWN×LIME GREEN BROWN×PURPLE BROWN×METALLIC SILVER are the color combinations that led.tokyo recommends this season.

BLACK is not tied to trends and can be used for a variety of coordinations. Since I'm feeling fashionable this year, I recommend going all black for a cool look. It's easy to match with patterned items, so it goes great with the VELOUR SHEER LEOPARD TOPS and VELOUR SHEER LEOPARD LONG DRESS currently on sale (as of August 24).
In addition, we recommend styling this season that mixes this year's sporty elements with the 2WAY METALLIC CARGO PANTS and DOCKING NYLON SKIRT, which are also currently on sale (as of August 24).

We want all kinds of people to enjoy dressing in their own way, without being bound by stereotypes, genres, gender, age, or national borders. There are infinite ways to wear this item other than what we suggest here, so we are looking forward to seeing everyone's various ways to wear it.

Length CB 69cm
Front length 72.7
Shoulder width 54.5cm
Bust 113cm
Hem circumference (main body) 113cm
Hem circumference (separate fabric) 118cm
Sleeve length 65.8cm
Sleeve width 43.5
cuffs 32

[Outer material]
[Separate cloth]

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