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Made of sweat material that is thin but looks expensive.
The material is easy to use for layering.

Sweatshirt with vintage-like distressed finish.
Recommended for those who want to wear sweatshirts as an adult.

The logo on the chest is an original creation. By creating a subtle embroidery with thread of the same color as the body,
It is easy to match with various styles and tastes without getting in the way of your outfit.

We also recommend wearing colored, patterned, or sheer innerwear from the damaged areas, or layering shirts or long T-shirts.
The style that allows you to see your bare skin will also make your skin look unobtrusive.

PINK is trending this season too
led.tokyo's signature color RED
GRAY that is easy to match with any style
Available in 3 colors.
The silhouette is loose, so it can be worn by unisex.

We also recommend cutting it to your liking and adding distressing to it.
There is no set style.
Enjoy a variety of styles that are unique to you without being bound by fixed concepts.

Length 69.5cm Shoulder width 58cm Bust 61cm Hem width 52cm Sleeve width 25cm Sleeve length 58.5cm

cotton 100%

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