2023 Autumn/Winter COLLECTION


Style comes from you.
With this theme, a total of 18 people wore the currently on sale "JACQUARD BIG C/G" and took a SNAP photo shoot.

A knit cardigan that can be worn by a variety of people regardless of taste, body type, age, or gender.
Please take a look at the diverse styling that is full of individuality.

The cardigan is loose enough to cover the hips and can be worn as a unisex item.

The bold jacquard pattern is a mix of puffy bouclé yarn and clean solid yarn for a richly expressive finish.

It's a special piece that gives you a fashionable impression just by putting it on.

1. ayaka / 153cm @ayaka_no_nikki
2. YUYA / 172cm @yuya22com

This time, by intentionally giving the two colors a completely different impression, it will not feel like a pair even when worn as a pair.
An item that even adults can achieve a ``casual pair look.''

NAVY has a jacquard contrast,
RED deliberately uses a jacquard weave with similar colors, giving it a subtle pairing feel that will make it easy for those who don't usually like pairing looks to try it out.

We hope you enjoy it with your loved ones.

1. Nishiru / 169cm @__ru_ru_ru
2. Takamitsu / 179cm @ho_________ri