led. tokyo ¥50,000 SHOPPING! VOL.2 Taisha Karin


led. tokyo ¥50,000 Shopping!
Popular models coordinate this fall/winter's new items with their casual clothes!
Vol.2 Taisha Karin

Seeing the city illuminations just before Christmas makes me want to shop!

Now, we have invited painter and model Karin Taisha to led.tokyo SHINJUKU LUMINE2, and we are planning a shopping trip with a budget of 50,000 yen. We asked them to express their feelings for this fall/winter through coordination by combining the realistic "wants" they had chosen after some hesitation with their personal clothes.

``LED., which I often wear in my casual clothes, is a brand that I am very familiar with.I like clothes that have a combination of glamor and strength that stand out from the crowd, and I love the attitude of a brand that competes based on what it wants to express, not what sells. I can empathize with this.Also, there are some items with removable necks, so there is plenty of room to customize the way you wear them.Today, I will do my best to bring you my own style of fashion!

``What caught my eye right away was a striped top! Winter tends to have a lot of dark tones, but incorporating items with strong colors like this into your outfit will lift your mood.Moreover, this one has a striped pattern on the front and back. It's different, and even when you take off your outerwear, people around you say, "Oh! ”The removable neck makes it interesting to use as an accent color with other outfits.Paired with faux leather pants also from led., it creates a clean mood.”


"Even though they're military pants, they have slits on the sides, which is refreshing! By showing off a small area of ​​skin, it makes the outfit look a lot more girly."


``A long coat that gives off a mature look is a must-have item for winter.I'm attracted to this collar design and elegant color.You can close the front for a chic look, but pair it with denim for a more everyday look. Awareness. And actually, the pants I'm wearing right now are remake denim from led. (lol)."


"When you remove the iconic color and wear it, it creates a completely different mood! The contrast between the metal snap buttons on both sides and the gray is also nice. Is there any outerwear that can be worn with so many different styles?"

``Even though the black knit looks simple at first glance, it has a Led. feel to it! First of all, the trendy half-zip gives a good impression, and the length is short in the front and long in the back, which gives it a sense of style. It's great that it subtly hides your hip line when you're wearing it.The knit material is soft, so even if you pair it with high-impact leopard-print pants, it will blend in easily."


``There are so many good ones that 50,000 yen is not enough!'' I thought to myself, but I had to make a decision, so this time I selected white items. MA-1, which I liked the gathers on the sleeves, and the slit, which was too cute. These are fake leather pants.The texture of the materials are different, so it might be a good idea to wear them all in white.


"Even the shopper was cute, and the shopping was exciting till the end. Thank you for today!"

Items worn by Taisha this time

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Model:Karin Okoso / Photos:Norito Ohazama / Hair:Tenju Okazaki / Make:Kana Ohira / Interview & Text:Kanta Hisajima