Thank you very much for your continued patronage.
We will be opening a pop-up store at Lumine 2 Shinjuku.
Held for a limited time from Monday, September 6, 2021 to Monday, September 20, 2021 at the event space on the 2nd floor of Lumine 2 Shinjuku.

A snap project featuring model Lala Takahashi wearing new 21AW items was carried out.

Snapshot film photographs will be displayed inside the store.

In addition, we will distribute novelty items to commemorate the brand's 1st anniversary.

Sales of items that are remakes of Champion 's reverse weave, etc.

We have prepared a lot of special content only available at the pop-up store.

Please take this opportunity to visit us.
■ SNAP -Lala Takahashi-

Inside the pop-up store,
Lala Takahashi was chosen to wear new 21Autumn Winter items.
Film photographs of SNAP -Takahashi Lala- will be exhibited for a limited time.

The photo was taken by photographer Ryohei Obama, who mainly takes street snapshots overseas.
Styling is done by RIKU OSHIMA, a stylist who is active in a variety of situations, both men's and women's, including styling for fashion magazines, shows, and commercials.
The message is that the wearer can create their own style and have the strength to live in a new era.

- JOURNAL " snap – Takahashi lala -" includes all snapshots including interviews and products worn -
■2021 Autumn Winter Collection will be sold in advance in limited quantities only at the pop-up store

MA-1 finished with silver foil as a design point,
A vibrant red knit with a strong impact, which is the brand key color.
Nylon outerwear that is oversized yet feminine and smart, etc.
Featuring silhouettes and color usage influenced by the 90's,
The 2021 Autumn Winter Collection, which incorporates urban style, is on sale in limited quantities.
■Selling original items that are remakes of Champion's reverse weave

Remake items that have been sold for a limited time when holding pop-up stores for a limited time.
At this Shinjuku Lumine 2 pop-up store,
Champion's timeless classic reverse weave has been widely loved as a sweatshirt pioneer since its birth in 1934.
A standard item of, this has been remade as a back rib top.

Price 17,000-(+tax)
*Please note that the offer will end as soon as the quantity runs out.

In addition, the lineup includes reprints of archived remake items sold at past pop-up stores.

Price 25,000-(+tax)
Price 17,000-(+tax)
■Distributing novelty tote bags, reprinting and reproducing popular items from the past, and releasing them.

In addition, this LUMINE Shinjuku pop-up store will commemorate the brand's 1st anniversary.
We will be distributing novelty tote bags and reprinting and reproducing popular items that were released when the brand was first launched.
The novelty tote bag is 'RED' which is also's brand color.
▼ 1ST Anniversary TOTE BAG
Distributed to customers who purchase over 15,000 yen (tax included).
*Please note that the offer will end as soon as the quantity runs out.

▼Reprint items (some)

・Lala Takahashi (donna models)
Born February 26, 2002, from Tokyo.
Her father is Jun Takahashi, a designer behind the fashion brand Undercover, and her mother is Riko Morishita, a former model.

Debuted as a fashion model in 2017 at the age of 15.
Since 2018, she has also been a member of the Korean model agency ESteem and has been working as a model in Korea.
In October, he attended the Valentino event in Hong Kong along with EXO's Sehun and other Hong Kong actors and actresses.

In 2019, she appeared on the 2020 spring/summer women's runway and made her debut at Paris Fashion Week.

・Ryohei Obama (Photographer)

Born in Tokyo in 1995.
Studied photography in Tokyo and New York and focuses on street snapshots.
After graduating from university, he worked as a photographer's assistant before becoming independent.
Currently based in Tokyo.

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`` '' is based on the concept of `` to be free in the new era, to be more yourself, '' and the designer incorporates a mix-up of 90s TOKYO , which had many influences, and modern Tokyo into its items. Masu.

Each item has removable sleeves and can be worn in the front or back, allowing you to wear it in a variety of ways, and you can cherish it for a long time.

Each person can dress in a variety of ways.

The style of `` '' is created freely by each wearer.


-So many women, so many styles-


style comes from you


One item, many ways to wear it


Different styles for each person


Freely enter a new era, be more you.