led.tokyo × MARCOMONK Collaboration

Photographer Yusuke Oishi (MARCOMONK) for led.tokyo
We have started selling collaborative items made from collage works.
The theme of this collage work is the strength and shadow within femininity.
The cuteness and dignified impression that appears on the surface,
A change from the negative aspects of modern life to a new self.
Just as light and shadow always intersect, the power to take a step forward from a difficult situation,
Find your new self with every step you take, and find strength that gives you power.
A one-of-a-kind piece created with your imagination in mind.
After taking a photo of the actual led.tokyo product and outputting the photo,
Cut and paste as collage material.
Yusuke Oishi (MARCOMONK) created a collage piece using his unique method.
Type RED

Price 7,000-(+tax) Size:36 / 38

Price 7,000-(+tax) Size:36 / 38
Length 63cm Length 75cm
Width 47m Width 60cm
Shoulder width 42cm Shoulder width 55cm
Sleeve length 18cm Sleeve length 23cm
Regarding size 38, it is a men's size XL.
Can be worn by unisex.
<Photographer Yusuke Oishi (MARCOMONK) Profile>
Born in Hakodate, Hokkaido in 1980. Lives in Tokyo. After graduating from high school, he lived in Sapporo and moved to Tokyo in 2006.
Started self-taught in photography in 2008, video in 2010, and collage in 2020.
In 2018, he published a photo book “LIFE THROUGH MY EYES” that captures everyday life in New York.
The ephemeral expression that leaves a lingering impression attracts the viewer, and is popular with domestic and international artists, fashion,
Active in a wide range of genres such as magazines and advertisements.