Introducing items released on Thursday, June 8th.
A new sleeveless version of led.tokyo's popular back rib item is now available!
Introducing a one-shoulder design dress with a sporty side line and a beautiful, smooth texture that makes it easy to mix and match.

A one-shoulder skirt that looks great simply by styling it with a tank top or T-shirt.

While keeping the casual details, the diagonal design on the front adds an edge, making it a piece unique to led.tokyo.


The vertical silhouette and side lines make your body line look neat.

The smooth and beautiful material creates a modern impression without being too casual, making it a great item that can be worn throughout the season.


The button position can be adjusted to 3 levels, and an adjuster is also installed on the strap side.

It also has the functionality of allowing you to adjust the length to your size.

The modest skin on the back is back-conscious, and although it is made of casual materials, it has a design typical of led.tokyo, which combines femininity.

A functional top with a wide rib design that allows you to wear it alone without worrying about wearing an inner layer.


The shoulder pads and voluminous shoulders draw the eye upward, making the shoulder line look beautiful and creating a trendy silhouette.

This item goes well with any kind of bottoms, such as voluminous pants or neat I-line skirts, and can be used in a variety of situations, both neat and casual.


The body part is made of soft and stretchy cotton material, making it stress-free and comfortable to wear.

The ribbing on the back has a two-layer structure and is sturdy, so you can use it every day without worrying about it stretching, and it is a piece that is packed with attention to detail and can be washed easily.


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Sales will start from June 8th (Thursday) at Shinjuku Lumine 2 stores and online store.
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