Introducing items released on Thursday, May 11th.
Introducing led.tokyo's popular slit knit skirt, a smooth cover-up with a focus on texture and silhouette, and a beautiful silhouette dress with original patterns.

The front slit is a design point, and the design does not open too much, making it easy to wear. The long length and body-hugging silhouette make your hips look high, making it a versatile piece that makes your legs look longer.


The elastic waist makes it comfortable to wear, and you can match it with a variety of styles regardless of the top you choose. By purposely pairing it with casual items such as sweatshirts, you can create a style typical of LED. .


The nice thing about it is that it has a good kickback in the vertical and horizontal directions, so even though it's a knit material that hugs your body just right, it doesn't show through your underwear. It has a smooth touch and can be worn throughout the season.

A design point is the slit at the waist that allows you to casually show off your skin without being sarcastic, and the cami dress style with thin shoulder straps for a clean look is another item that pursues led.tokyo's femininity.

Available in two colors: original pattern and simple black. Introducing a beautiful dress with a vertical silhouette that shows off your body line.


Although it can be worn alone, it is easy to use for various layered styles such as layering tops or putting a shirt on top.


It is made of a plain jersey material that has a firm and firm feel, and although it is lightweight, it has a fleshy texture that gives you a sense of security that you can wear it without worrying about it being see-through.

The length of the dress can be adjusted with the shoulder straps, so it can be worn by people of a wide range of heights.


A shiny shirt cardigan that will make you look trendy just by wearing it. The design has tucks at the peak of the season and sleeves, giving it a three-dimensional feel when worn.


It is made from a thin wrinkled shirt material, and has a moderately glossy finish that gives it a luxurious impression.


You can wear it with the buttons open, or close the front and wear it like a blouse, giving it great versatility. Since it is made of lightweight material, it can also be used as a carry-on jacket during the summer.

This piece will add freshness to your existing outfits such as camisole, tank tops, and dresses.


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Sales will start from May 11th (Thursday) at Shinjuku Lumine 2 stores and online store.
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