The high neck short coat was very popular last year.

Further upgraded with new color KHAKI

Please pay attention to the carefully selected texture and silhouette.


Made of double-woven wool fabric with just the right amount of firmness.

It is characterized by being lighter and warmer than last year's material.

We use made-in-Japan fabrics produced in the Bishu region, a major wool producing area.

By changing the thickness of the warp and weft, we create an impression of depth.

Another point is that it uses a reverse zipper, allowing you to enjoy 4 different silhouette patterns.

KHAKI is characterized by a melange color that gives it depth and makes it look taller.

Also recommended for casual styling.


BLACK is easy to match with various styles. In addition, the zipper tape and lining are designed in a BLUE color scheme, so you can enjoy the color when the zipper is opened.

WHITE is a crisp white with no yellow tint, so it looks cute at first glance, but it can be enjoyed by people with a wide range of tastes as it is easy to match with a fashionable atmosphere.

This year, why not expand your winter coordination with a short coat?


Taji / 168 cm

chihiro / 168 cm

mone / 152 cm