“Freely in a new era, more like you”
The concept is

Designers were influenced by 90's TOKYO.
led.tokyo brings a mix-up feel of modern Tokyo into its items.

From the 1990s to the 2000s as “Shibuya culture”
Gaining popularity among young people,
Created the Y2K fashion trend

The first special collaboration with LOVEBOAT has been realized.

Tokyo and Shibuya culture at that time
A collection that is a modern mix of led.tokyo .


(Source: https://toyokeizai.net/articles/-/614877)

LOVE BOAT opened its first LOVE BOAT store in January 1994 in the fashion building SHIBUYA109. It is affectionately known as "Love Bo" among young people, and has been a driving force behind gyaru culture, including belly-button-baring T-shirts and miniskirts. The hugely popular bellybutton dashi look became a trend that symbolized the Heisei era, causing a social phenomenon.

LOVEBOAT's brand concept is "Create your own individuality"

led.tokyo is a designer brand that started in September 2020 from a one-room atelier in a building in Shibuya.

led.tokyo’s brand concept is “So many women, so many styles”

The mix-up and editing sense of TOKYO fashion and culture is applied to each item, allowing us to create a variety of styles. ``led.tokyo'''s idea is that each wearer creates his or her own style, rather than a lookbook style that is considered by a brand.

The designer was also greatly influenced by the Shibuya gal culture of the 1990s, and the back rib item, which was popular for its ``modest skin show'' that was incorporated into the modern mood, has become the brand's iconic item.

This time, the brand concept of LOVEBOAT at the time was similar to led.tokyo's ideas, and as a brand originating from Shibuya, TOKYO, we started working on this project and a special collection was born.


Among the gal brands of the Heisei era, many of LOVE BOAT's designs centered on the "LOVE BOAT" logo, and it is said that the simple design that creates individuality depending on the wearer has led to its continued popularity.

This collection also features the fabrics and sizes created by led.tokyo, and the LOVEBOAT logo on the original body with fine details.The LOVEBOAT is simple but has a modern feel to it. It has become an item.


Sold out
Sold out

A camisole with the LOVE BOAT logo embroidered on it. Ameshri design gives a healthy and healthy impression. This item gives off a men's-like atmosphere, and you can create a Y2K mix style just by wearing it. This item adds sportiness and cuteness by expressing the border with knitted fabric.


Sold out
Sold out

The logo uses satin to add a loose feel. A shiny piece that is perfect for your current mood. The slit is a special feature that allows you to show off your healthy skin. Match the tone of the fabric and logo to create a modern impression.


led.tokyo's staff will introduce you to the real styling of led.tokyo & LOVEBOAT's special items and how they will suit your current mood.

more styling


Based on the concept of "Being more yourself in a new era," we introduce styles that have been used by a variety of people to express their individuality.

Bow Leica / @yumi_raika

With the recent trend of "Y2K fashion", 2000s fashion has once again become a focus of attention, and this brand, which is representative of the 2000s, is once again attracting attention.

led.tokyo's theme is ``A mix-up of Tokyo and Shibuya culture from those days,'' and we use trendy satin fabrics for those who enjoyed gal fashion at the time and those who enjoy Y2K fashion. We offer T-shirts and knit camisole featuring the LOVE BOAT logo.

Please feel free to enjoy "led.tokyo & LOVE BOAT", which is a modern mix of 2000's trends that is unique to led.tokyo, with your own style.


Location: Lumine Shinjuku Lumine 2 2nd floor in front of PLAZA Address: 2nd floor, 3-38-2 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Business hours: 11:00-21:00

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