Introducing items released on Thursday, August 10th.
led.tokyo 2023AW collection vol.1 is now on sale.

First, we would like to introduce VELOUR SHEER LEOPARD TOPS, which has received many inquiries even before its release.

Tops with a catchy design that will become a focal point of your styling.
A cut-and-sew item with an opal finish featuring a watermark pattern. The material has a beautiful contrast between the elegant glossy velor and sheer.

The highlight is the edgy leopard print that is typical of led.
Please enjoy the layered style with various items.


The colors are switched along the short sleeve line, so when you wear it under a top or jacket, the color you see from the collar is different from the color you see from the cuffs, which makes it stand out from the crowd.

It's stretchy and fits perfectly to your body. Of course as an inner
You can enjoy it even as a single piece. We also have VELOUR SHEER LEOPARD LONG DRESS made of the same material.

VELOUR SHEER LEOPARD A dress featuring an edgy leopard pattern that is typical of led. made of the same material as the VELOR SHEER LEOPARD TOPS.
We focused on creating a suitably tight and feminine silhouette.


The deliberately long sleeve length and finger hole design add a sense of looseness.
Not only can you wear it alone, but you can also layer it with vests, harnesses, etc.


Dresses tend to come in one pattern, but at led.tokyo we have made sure that they are easy to mix and match.
It's perfect for layered styles such as jackets, sweatshirts, and gilets, and adds a touch of glamor.


Like TOPS, it is made of soft and stretchy material, making it stress-free and comfortable to wear.
It is also lined, so you can wear it alone with confidence.


Cargo pants made of nylon fabric with metallic color.

Continuing with the trend of cargo pants, led.tokyo has created a 2-way design that can be put on and taken off with a zip so that it can be matched with a variety of styles. A must-have item this season that can be worn as full-length or short pants.
We also recommend leaving the front half of the zipper open to show your knees.


Half pants are also recommended for a layered style with trendy pants.
The highlight is the carefully selected and elegant metallic color. This item is sure to be useful for many seasons, such as short pants in late summer, full length in autumn, and layered with shorts over pants in winter.

The pants have a drawcord at the hem, so you can wear them with a tighter hem.
These easy pants have an elastic waist, so you can add a relaxed look to your style by pairing them with structured items such as jackets and shirts.

In addition, the lightweight and supple material does not wrinkle easily, and the easy care feature is that you can wash it by hand at home.


Incorporating trendy sporty elements, this tight skirt has a front zip design and docking of different materials for an expressive look typical of led.


The zip can be opened and closed from the bottom, so you can adjust the depth of the slit to your desired depth. The deep slit makes it perfect for layering with pants.
We recommend wearing it with casual items or as a side of beautiful items.

Although it is a tight skirt, it is made from a stretchy cut and sew material, and is characterized by ease of movement.
The impression changes dramatically depending on the color, so you can choose according to your preferred styling.


A men's-style, loose-fitting, oversized vest.

This item is made with a suiting material that has just the right amount of flesh and shoulder pads to create a silhouette.
This year's cut-off armholes, wave seam design, three-dimensional pocket on the chest,
Details such as the front zip will accent your outfit.


If you pair it with sleeveless innerwear, you can use it right away from late summer, and it goes well with knits and shirts in fall and winter.

Available in two colors: black with a fashionable feel and dark gray with a mannish impression. A versatile item that can be worn all year round. A suiting material with just the right amount of flesh. Another good point is that it is elastic and wrinkle-resistant.


How did you like introducing new items?

Sales began on August 10th (Thursday) at Shinjuku Lumine 2 stores and online store.
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