Introducing items released on Thursday, April 6th.
led.tokyo's unique multi-way dresses and mesh tops that look great on their own. Introducing a mermaid skirt with a beautiful silhouette made of different materials.

A 3-way design that can be used as a dress by closing the button, a long gilet by opening it, or a short vest by removing the bottom. A piece with an I-line silhouette that can enhance your style.


It goes well with a variety of layered styles, and can be worn casually over sleeveless, short-sleeved cut-and-sew, or long-sleeved T-shirts to complete your outfit, making it easy to incorporate into any season.


The material is made with a material that has an elegant luster and a beautiful surface feel, so it can be worn seasonally. Another great thing about it is that it's a polyester blend that doesn't wrinkle easily. The lining is made of smooth polyester fabric for a smooth and comfortable feel.

A mesh knit pullover that has just the right amount of sheerness and shows off your healthy skin. The inner color is transparent through the knitted fabric, allowing you to change the look of your outfit.

The wide silhouette makes it comfortable to wear, giving it a relaxed look.


The key point is the simple silhouette and the bi-color design on the back. The subtle changes in the knitted fabric make this a casually designed top that stands out from the rest.


This mesh item is made of soft and smooth knit material that feels good on the skin and is extremely comfortable to wear, making it perfect to layer over swimwear in the summer.


Mermaid line long skirt with a moving mesh hem. It has a neat silhouette around the waist, creating a feminine and elegant silhouette just by wearing it.


Made of a material with an elegant luster and a beautiful surface, it is transparent below the knees, so you can change the impression by coordinating your feet.


The mesh is just the right amount of sheer, making it easy to wear while incorporating trends, and the material is characterized by a texture that can be worn seasonally. Another great thing about it is that it's a polyester blend that doesn't wrinkle easily. There is a vertical switch on the front, which gives you a slimmer look.


We recommend pairing it with something casual like a T-shirt.


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Sales will start from April 6th (Thursday) at all stores and online stores.
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