2023spring outer collection

Although the cold continues,
There are signs of spring in fashion items.
Among them, there are some outerwear items that can be worn from the end of winter,
Best to check it out now!
So, we would like to introduce recommended outerwear from led.tokyo that you will want to wear this spring.
Please use this as a reference when shopping.

A jacket that gives you a trendy look.
You can completely change the atmosphere by changing the 2-way design of the sleeves and the way the collar is displayed.
Enjoy coordinating it to match your mood that day.

A military vest that can be worn with any combination of outfits.
In winter, pair it with thick items,
In spring, it can be worn as a light layer.
A convenient item that can be worn for many seasons.

It has a distinctive silhouette,
A loose jacket that will add class to your outfit.
An excellent outerwear that can be used not only for everyday use, but also for occasions depending on the items you match it with.

A nylon coat with a matte texture that is irresistible for casual lovers.
Because it is an item with a strong presence due to its oversilhouette,
Complete an outfit that looks great with just one piece.


With a light and fleshy texture that can be easily put on,
MA1 type outerwear that can be worn all year round.
Packed with details typical of Led.tokyo,
The point is a design with a special feel.
Check it out if you want to add a difference to your outfit with a slightly different design.

A short jacket with a distinctive high neck collar.
3-way design that allows you to wear the collar even if you remove it.
Short length items make your outfit look light, so
A useful item to have in spring.