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Model Lala Takahashi made her debut as a model in 2017 at the age of 15, and her parents are Undercover designer Jun Takahashi and mother Riko Morishita, a former model.
In 2019, she appeared on the "Off-White" 2020 Spring/Summer Women's Runway and made her Paris Fashion Week debut, and has been expanding her range of activities, including being featured in VOGUE Girl.
This time, we conducted a street snap wearing the led.tokyo 2021 Autumn Winter collection near Shibuya, TOKYO.
The message is that the wearer can create his or her own style and "strength to live in a new era," and expresses free and powerful styling that is not bound by boundaries.
It reflected the true size of new icon Lala Takahashi, a one-of-a-kind presence who will turn 20 next year.
INFLATED PUFFA 2WAY DOWN (wear only sleeves) ¥36,000

This eye-catching low gauge Aran pattern knit top with its bold volume, large mesh, and short length is a free style with a red color dress and down sleeves.
led.tokyo: LALA, what do you find attractive about Tokyo?
LALA: I like that it's full of buildings and has a very artificial feel.
led.tokyo: Please let us know if there are any values ​​that you value in your work.
LALA: You will be asked to wear a variety of costumes and make-up during photo shoots, but it is important to be able to express your own image and individuality at any time.


MULTI COLOR SHEER TOPS ¥14,000 (Scheduled to be resold in December)


The MA-1 has a city-like feel that has been carefully calculated down to the smallest detail and retains a military atmosphere, with a sheer top tucked inside for a feminine look.
led.tokyo: Please tell us about any direct events or experiences that formed the basis of LALA's current thinking and actions.
LALA: When I was in middle school, I went to America for a short period of time and my shy personality completely changed.
led.tokyo: LALA, please tell us about your favorite culture.
LALA: American cartoon.


This long coat is eye-catching with its two-tone color scheme, and is layered with a nylon coat for a statement look.
led.tokyo: Is there anything that is important to you now that you are 19 years old?

LALA: I only have a short time left until I turn 20, so I'm trying out different things and finding what I like and what suits me.




This short coat is compact yet has an attractive design with generous armholes for a casual style that goes well with high-waisted denim.
led.tokyo: Were there any items you wore that you liked?


led.tokyo: Lastly, what does fashion mean to you, LALA?

LALA: Something that expresses oneself.


BACK RIB PULLOVER ¥13,000 (scheduled for resale in December)


Sweat tops with a back style design have the front and back reversed for a style that doesn't follow the rules.
・Lala Takahashi (donna models)
Born February 26, 2002 in Tokyo.
Her father is designer Jun Takahashi of the fashion brand Undercover, and her mother is former model Riko Morishita.
Debuted as a fashion model in 2017 at the age of 15.
Since 2018, she has also been a member of the Korean model agency ESteem and has been working as a model in Korea.
In October, EXO's Sehun participated in the Valentino event held in Hong Kong, along with other Hong Kong actors and girls.
In 2019, she appeared on the 2020 spring/summer women's runway and made her debut at Paris Fashion Week.


The film photos taken this time will be exhibited at the Lumine 2 Shinjuku pop-up store.
We hope you will enjoy the unique graininess and nostalgic colors that only film photography can offer, which will appeal to your sensibilities when you look at them.

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