2023SS collection "FOIL COVER DENIM"

The denim items from led.tokyo's current season collection are particularly carefully selected.
We will introduce you to many special items that are a mix of trends and led.tokyo's uniqueness.

"FOIL COVER DENIM" collection

POINT01: denim fabric

Made of denim material that is comfortable and not too heavy. The material has a texture that can be worn all seasons.

Vintage washed denim, perfect for casual style.

POINT02: foil print

This season's "shiny" trend is expressed in a led.tokyo style.

Each piece is printed by hand. Therefore, no two pieces have the same pattern, and each piece is unique.


The denim jacket, which is full of led.tokyo characteristics in its silhouette and design, not only serves as an outer layer, but also serves as the focal point of your outfit.

POINT01: silhouette

The short length makes it easy to wear and can be matched with a variety of bottoms.

The oversized silhouette with wide width and thick sleeves creates a relaxed and loose form with a trendy feel.

POINT02: detail design

The bold curved hem creates a well-calculated drop and an exquisitely shaped back silhouette.

The bold curved sleeves and large three-dimensional pockets are characteristic features of led.tokyo.


The simple silhouette makes it easy to incorporate into any style, but the trendy foil print makes this a special piece that you won't find anywhere else.

POINT01: silhouette

The simple straight silhouette makes it perfect for casual styles as well as for a modern look when paired with a jacket.

POINT02: style up

The fabric is just the right amount of looseness and doesn't contour to your legs, and the high-waisted design gives you a sense of style.


Denim is great for all seasons, but why not choose it as the centerpiece of your outfit this spring/summer?