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Denim is sturdy and thick, and the more you wear it, the more you will love it.
A special piece that has been processed by removing the warp threads and adding a crush.
Blue denim is a light blue that goes well with any top and can be worn all year round. White denim is available in two colors with different impressions, with a sophisticated clean color and just the right amount of femininity.
Impact denim with bold crash processing. A playful denim designed so that you can cut the fringe to your preference and customize the way your skin shows off. With a loose silhouette, we also recommend choosing loose tops for a baggy, casual style.
Also, if you wear lace tights, you can enjoy the unique layered style that is typical of led.tokyo.

Inseam 76cm
Rise 28cm
Waist 76cm
Hips 99cm

100% cotton

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