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A cut-and-sew item with an opal finish featuring a watermark pattern. The material has a beautiful contrast between the elegant glossy velor and sheer.
It is also stretchy and comfortable to wear.
Tops with a catchy design that will become a focal point of your styling. The highlight is the edgy leopard print that is typical of led.
The simple pullover design makes it a versatile item for layering with a jacket or bustier.
Since the color is switched on the short sleeve line, it can be worn as an inner layer of tops or jackets.
The color visible from the collar and the color visible from the cuffs are different, which makes it stand out from the crowd.
In addition, the mellow design on the shoulders creates a slim line. You can enjoy it even as a single piece.
VELOUR SHEER LEOPARD LONG DRESS is also available in the same material.

Length 58cm
Width 39cm
Shoulder width 34cm
Sleeve length 67cm
Hem width 40cm

[Base fabric]

Dry cleaning

When ironing, be sure to use a pressing cloth and iron from the back.
This product may shrink or lose its shape if washed with water.
Please send it to dry cleaning.
Please wash separately from other items as there is a risk of color transfer.
If exposed to strong sunlight or lighting for a long time, there is a risk of discoloration, so please be careful when wearing or storing it.
If it gets wet from rain, please wipe it off with a dry cloth.
When using it, please be careful not to catch it.
Please note that color may transfer to other objects due to sweat, water, or friction.
Please note that this product is made from extremely delicate materials and the seams may open if subjected to strenuous exercise or extreme force.

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