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・The mesh has just the right mesh, neither too big nor too small, giving it a relaxed, adult-style impression.
-Features a soft feel with a smooth texture and just the right fit.
・The unique mixed color flavor is recommended this season.

- A 2-way top that can be used as a cardigan or a pullover, with a transparent feel that creates a light atmosphere.
・The well-fitting silhouette creates a feminine and healthy look.
・This trendy mesh top has a placket and pie pink details that make it look fashionable, and the small details such as the button placement make it look like an LED.
・Equipped with design points such as cuff details that make this item stand out from the others.
-A versatile item that can be worn not only over inner tops, but also as a layered item as an inner layer for bustiers, sweat tops, and jackets.

Length 63
Width 47
shoulder width 40
Sleeve length 62
Hem width 49

Cotton 50%
Polyester 50%
[Separate cloth]
Cotton 100%

*Please use the net inside out.
*It may shrink slightly after washing.
*When ironing, use a cloth and lightly hang from the back.
*Please note that the color may stain other items due to friction while wearing. If the color transfers, please wash immediately.
*Products with dark colors or color combinations may cause dye transfer, so avoid soaking them in the wash and wash them separately.
*Please dry immediately after washing. Color may transfer if rubbed strongly when wet.
*After washing, immediately adjust the shape and dry flat in the shade.
*This product is easily discolored by light, so please do not store it in a place where it will be exposed to sunlight or fluorescent lights for a long time.

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