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A carefully crafted piece made from original fabric. Since high gauge thread is used for the outer thread, it is made into a very soft and thin sweatshirt material. Furthermore, we use lame thread to create a material that is conscious of its elegant appearance even though it is a sweatshirt material. This fleece is knitted with two layers, the front yarn and the lining yarn, and the lame yarn is used for the lining yarn that comes into direct contact with the skin, making it less likely to feel prickly.

A 2-piece set consisting of an American sleeve tank top and a short bolero.
The compact silhouette makes this year's style even more appealing, and this piece is both trendy and comfortable.
The long string attached to the front of the bolero makes your outfit look even more stylish. The long sleeves have finger holes, making it cute to wear with a snug fit.
In addition, we are particular about showing off skin in a way that doesn't show off too much skin, so we made sure that just the right amount of skin is exposed through the gap between the bolero and tank top when the two pieces are layered, and the asymmetrical cut of the hem.

You can wear it as a set or as a single item, so you can enjoy a variety of outfits from summer to fall. Bolero is compact and portable, so it is recommended to keep it in your bag to prevent air conditioning in the summer.

<WHITE> Easy to match with any outfit and easy to mix and match. WHITE with glitter gives a refreshing impression.
<BLACK> The glitter stands out more than other colors, so you can enjoy the glitter even more.
<GREEN> LIME GREEN has a bright color that will add color to your outfit. This is a must-have color for those who like color coordination.

A versatile piece that can be worn alone or as a set. It's comfortable to wear and easy to use, so it's sure to be a great addition to your daily routine. It will make your outfit even more stylish.

Length 23cm
Width 43cm
Shoulder width 41.5cm
Sleeve width 14.5cm
Sleeve length 76cm
Hem width 36.5cm
【Tank top】
Total length 59cm
Width 31.5cm
Shoulder width 20cm
Armhole 18cm
Top width 12.5cm
Hem width 40cm


Hand washable

After sewing this product, in order to create a natural atmosphere,
We are washing the product. Therefore, the product is skewed.
(Twisted), wrinkles, etc. can be seen on each piece, size and
There are differences in color and texture.
If you get wet from sweat or rain, remove other clothing or underwear.
Please be careful as the color may transfer to your clothes.
Due to the characteristics of the material, the surface of the fibers may deteriorate due to friction or washing.
Pilling (pilling) is more likely to occur.
I did not try to remove the pilling by pulling it out, and the fabric was removed.
Remove it with a pill remover or small scissors to prevent it from getting dirty.
Please remove it.
Discoloration may occur if exposed to strong sunlight (or lighting) for a long time.
When wearing and storing, please be sure to
be careful.

<Precautions when washing>
The color may fade, so please separate it from other items.
Please wash it.
Due to the nature of the fabric, it may shrink slightly.
Do not stack wet laundry with other laundry.
Do not massage, pinch, or soak.
Please avoid detergents containing optical brighteners.
Do not use bleach.
Adjust the shape and dry it in the shade.
Please use a pressing cloth when ironing.
Please avoid tumble drying.

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