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A shaggy knit that uses a special brushed process to make the pile long and wavy, giving it a delicate flow and shine.
The fabric has a moderately thick feel, and is characterized by being wrapped in comfort and extremely warm.
The beautiful coloring makes this a piece with an outstanding presence, and the calm and elegant texture is attractive.
[Care method]
The long bristles tend to get tangled easily, so please refrain from brushing as much as possible, and if it becomes untidy and you absolutely need to, please gently straighten it along the flow of the hair.
It will last longer if you wear it a few days apart.

A warm knit top with a fluffy and soft look and an impactful color.
This piece has a silhouette that shows off just the right amount of shape, and can be worn easily. The slit at the hem is feminine,
This is a recommended item that can be worn 2 ways, front and back, expanding your styling options.
With its extremely warm texture and vibrant coloring, it can be worn for a long time from early fall to midwinter to early spring.
YELLOW has a crisp presence and will become the main character of your outfit.
GRAY is a color that can be worn by people with various tastes.
Both are carefully dyed and made with completely original colors.
SHAGGY SHORT BOTTON CD made of the same material is also available.

Length 61cm
Width 47cm
Shoulder width 63cm
Hem width 41cm
Top width 20.5cm
Front drop 6.5cm
Back drop 6.5cm
Collar length 4cm


Dry cleaning

This product may shrink or lose its shape if washed with water.
Please send it to dry cleaning.
Do not leave it wet for a long time.
Do not tumble dry.
If exposed to strong sunlight or lighting for a long time, there is a risk of discoloration, so please be careful when wearing or storing it.
Due to friction during wear, the fuzz may get tangled or become disordered.
If your cat's coat is unruly, please brush it carefully.
Please avoid wearing it on rainy or snowy days or wearing it for long periods of time to suppress fuzz.
If it gets wet from rain, please wipe it off with a dry cloth.

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