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・Multiple stretchable polyester threads are used so it can be worn seasonally.
・Rib-knitted stretch for stress-free comfort
・Knitted fabric that is thick yet light

・Multi-way skirt that can be worn in various ways
・Length and rise can be adjusted by folding depth
・The depth of the slit can be adjusted with the zip on the front.
・Feminine I-line silhouette with rib knitting that emphasizes vertical lines, great for slimming effects
・The pattern is designed to follow the hips, creating a beautiful silhouette that makes the waist appear higher.
・Pair it with casual items such as sweatshirts for an LED style◎

Total length 106cm
Waist 25cm
Hips 41cm
Hem width 40cm

Polyester 100%

Hand washable

*Due to the characteristics of the material, this product may transfer color to other items if it gets wet due to friction, sweat, rain, etc., so please be careful.
Also, please note that prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or fluorescent lights may cause discoloration or fading.
*Please be careful not to fade due to sunlight or lighting.
*Please note that the product images are samples, so specifications such as color, size, and material blending ratio may change.
*Due to the characteristics of the material, pilling may occur.
*If pilling occurs, do not try to pull it out, but use small scissors to remove it one by one.

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