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We use light yarn that is not too warm and can be used in early spring.
It has a sheer feel, so it can be used as a countermeasure for air conditioning in spring and summer.

A cardigan featuring a design with randomly hanging strings.
It is knitted with a lightweight thread that is transparent so that it can be used in early spring.

The silhouette is a loose, over-the-top silhouette, making it a unisex piece.

Both colors are spring-like.
GREEN has a fresh impression that will make you feel like you are in spring.
GRAY has a cohesive color scheme, so it is easy to match with any taste.

In terms of design and color scheme, it will become the main character of your styling.
Other than that, pair it with simple items.
We also recommend matching it with the "OVER PRINT LONG SLEEVE TEE" currently on sale.
In early spring, we recommend wearing it lightly over a camisole.

The ``string hanging design + spring color + sheer feel'' instantly gives you a seasonal look.
If you are tired of winter clothes, start preparing for spring.

Length 64.5cm Width 61cm Shoulder width 53cm Sleeve length 55cm Sleeve width 19cm Hem width 52cm

61% polyester, 23% cotton, 16% acetate

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