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・Made of material that is smooth to the touch
・Even though it is a soft material, it does not wrinkle easily and has a luxurious appearance.
・The material is wrinkle-resistant and doesn't lose its shape, so it's easy to care for.
- Material that can be worn seasonally

・Center press slacks with an impressive elegant silhouette
・Creates a feminine waist with a beautiful vertical silhouette
・The high waist and carefully selected silhouette will enhance your style.
・The layered tuck design that goes diagonally from the waist gives it an edgy point that doesn't show off your back.
・We recommend pairing these center press pants with casual items such as sweats and knits for a beautiful look.
・A must-have item that can be worn with many different styles as a basic item that will make any top look more appealing.

Total length 98.5cm
Waist 61cm
Hips 90cm
Crossing 30.5cm
Hem width 23.5cm
Rise 32cm
Inseam 65.5cm
Total length 106cm
Waist 65cm
Hips 95cm
Crossing 32cm
Hem width 24.5cm
Rise 32.5cm
Inseam 72.5cm

Polyester 100%

*Due to the characteristics of the material, this product may transfer color to other items if it gets wet due to friction, sweat, rain, etc., so please be careful. Also, please note that prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or fluorescent lights may cause discoloration or fading.
*Please be careful not to fade due to sunlight or lighting.
*Please note that the product images are samples, so specifications such as color, size, and material blending ratio may change.

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