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Made of nylon material with a unique firm and wrinkled feel.
It creates a modern atmosphere.

"MILITARY LONG COAT" is an original item that incorporates elements of M65 and snow parka, and incorporates details unique to
The basic details are M65, but the texture is similar to that of a snow parka.
By using a material that contains nylon, it creates a fashionable atmosphere.
In addition, we paid special attention to the volume of the sleeves, and designed them to be tightened with a drawcord.
We have updated the classic spring outerwear by mixing vintage and modern elements.

WHITE is made entirely in white, giving it the look of a snow parka.
BLACK is also finished in one tone of black, giving it a modern impression.
Only GRAY has a lime green color scheme for the drawcord, making this a one-of-a-kind piece that no one else will wear.

In addition, the silhouette and length are longer than the regular M65.
This is a military coat that can be worn by both men and women. "

Length 118cm Shoulder width 61cm Hem width 82cm Sleeve width 32cm

61% cotton 39% nylon

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