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36 │ 38
Model: 176 cm, wearing 38

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・Uses a material with an elegant luster and beautiful surface feel.
・The mesh is just the right amount of transparency, making it easy to wear while still incorporating trends.
- Material that can be worn seasonally
・The nice thing about it is that it doesn't wrinkle easily because it's a polyester blend.

・Mermaid line long skirt with a moving mesh hem
・The waist area has a neat silhouette, creating a feminine and elegant silhouette just by wearing it.
・There is a vertical switch on the front, which gives a slimmer look.
- The area below the knees is transparent, so you can change the look by coordinating your feet.
・We recommend pairing it with something casual such as a T-shirt ◎

Length 85
waist 65
hip 89
Length 89
waist 69
hip 93

[Outer material]
Rayon 65%
Polyester 30%
Polyurethane 5%
Polyester 100%
[Separate cloth]
Polyester 100%

*Due to the characteristics of the material, this product may transfer color to other items if it gets wet due to friction, sweat, rain, etc., so please be careful.
Also, please note that prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or fluorescent lights may cause discoloration or fading.
*Please be careful not to fade due to sunlight or lighting.
*Please note that the product images are samples, so specifications such as color, size, and material blending ratio may change.

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