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For customers who ordered after November 17th,
Delivery will be from late November onwards.
Thank you for your understanding.

One item is
Can be used in many different arrangements
@___ing___mn who has worked on many many accessories

Mobile straps created by a unique combination of chains,
We create items filled with originality and passion.

⁡ing standard silver925 and surgical stainless steel,
We also have many items for people with metal allergies, such as 24kg.
Simple yet impactful,
Please take a look at these plus 1 accessories.

You can check the list at any time by logging in and adding it to your favorites.

Heart keyrings are very popular at ing.

Always nearby,
A key ring can also be a must-have item, and if it's a fashionable item, you'll be excited.
Of course you can attach it to your keys,
You can also attach it to a folder on your phone.
You can also attach it to the metal fittings of your bag.
Can also be attached as an extension of Mobilestrap ◎

This is a key ring that is attached by twisting silver metal fittings.

Diameter 6cm (Marukan 25mm/20mm/15mm)


Please do not use a silver polishing cloth containing an abrasive agent as this will remove the coating.
If you are not going to use it for a long time, you can prevent discoloration by taking good care of it and storing it in a sealed container.
Also, since it is made by hand, there may be some scratches here and there, but I hope you enjoy the texture.

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