【ing】Body jewelry ①


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One item is
Can be used in many different arrangements
@___ing___mn who has worked on many many accessories

Mobile straps created by a unique combination of chains,
We create items filled with originality and passion.

⁡ing standard silver925 and surgical stainless steel,
We also have many items for people with metal allergies, such as 24kg.
Simple yet impactful,
Please take a look at these plus 1 accessories.

You can check the list at any time by logging in and adding it to your favorites.

"+1 body jewelry that looks like a battle uniform"

A new type of accessory that provides luxury for any occasion.

I want to wear this item, so I dress up.
I wear this item because I want to improve my mood.
Just by wearing it, you'll feel like you're standing taller.
Even when something is missing.
We created body jewelry that is easy for anyone to wear.

Although it looks heavy, it is made from aluminum, which is light, easy to process, and resistant to water, making it easy to wear even for people with metal allergies.

Since this item is handmade, this will be the last time it will be mass produced.

Please enjoy various coordination.

aluminum × 316L
Clasp: Nickel

Please do not use a silver polishing cloth containing an abrasive agent as this will remove the coating.
If you are not going to use it for a long time, you can prevent discoloration by taking good care of it and storing it in a sealed container.
Also, since it is made by hand, there may be some scratches here and there, but I hope you enjoy the texture.

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