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The Bishu region is a major wool producing area (a production area centered around Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture)
This is a made in Japan fabric produced in Japan. (It is one of the leading areas in Japan that also produces fabrics from overseas maisons.)
We use super raw materials, which are extremely delicate and high quality among wool raw materials, and are made in collaboration with a historic weaving shop.
What's more, this fabric is double woven and has a moderate amount of firmness.
Also, this is a bit of a fanatic, but the thickness of the warp and weft threads are different, giving the fabric a sense of depth despite its beautiful surface.

High neck short coats were very popular last year.
This year, we will upgrade the material and release it.

This year, we have used even more carefully selected fabrics than last year, and the nice feature is that it is warm and lightweight.
We are using higher quality materials than last year, and we have done our best to make it available to as many people as possible, and we have kept the price as low as possible.
I hope that I can deliver it to many people.

The design is an item that matches a wide range of generations and tastes.
This coat is recommended for winter occasions, and you can wear it in a variety of situations.

In the winter, because you wear a coat, it's hard to change your daily coordination, and you may get tired of it.
A short coat can easily change its look depending on the bottoms you match it with, so it is an item that expands the range of coordination.

This is a must-try item this winter.
(Would you like to debut a short coat this winter?)

BLACK is easy to match with various tastes and items.
It matches both feminine and modern styles.
BLACK has a blue color scheme for the zipper tape, making it a focal point of your outfit.
WHITE is pure white like snow and goes perfectly with feminine styling.
Recommended for dates and outings.
In addition, a new color KHAKI is introduced this year.
It uses a fabric that looks like melange, giving it an expressive and high-quality feel.
Finished in KHAKI that is easy to match with pretty styles.

This year, why not expand your winter coordination with a short coat?

Length 60cm
Bust 121cm
Hem circumference 116cm
Shoulder width 66cm
Sleeve length 50.5cm
Sleeve width 52cm

Outer material: 100% wool
Lining: 100% polyester

Dry cleaning

This product is not suitable for original rubbing (especially rubbing in wet conditions).
If it gets wet from water, sweat, rain, etc., the color may fade or transfer.
Please be careful when wearing it.
If this product is exposed to strong sunlight or lighting for a long period of time,
There is a risk that the sky will turn blue.
Please be careful when using or storing it.
This product is prone to pilling due to the characteristics of the material.
Please write if you wear it continuously.
If pilling occurs, please clean it with a pill remover or scissors.
When cleaning, please process it alone.
When ironing, please use a pressing cloth.

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