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Model: 1-4th photo 160cm / Others 174cm

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Made of wool blend material with a warm brushed feel that is soft to the touch.
The gorgeous bristles and vibrant coloring are attractive.
A knit that is gentle to the touch and has excellent heat retention.

A knit shirt with a cropped length that feels like a bolero and is useful as a cover-up.
This item has a compact size and gives off a feminine impression.
The long sleeve length and long ribbing create a well-defined silhouette.
Slits on the cuffs add a sense of looseness.
It will make your winter coordination look bright and gorgeous, which tends to be heavy.
Available in 3 colors: lime color, pink color, and beautiful deep khaki color.
A 2-way layered knit OP is also available using the same material.
We recommend knit set-up styling.

Length 40cm
Shoulder width 35cm
Bust 78cm
Hem width 37cm
Sleeve length 48cm
Sleeve width 15cm
Cuff width 10cm


Machine wash (low)

Please note that when it gets wet from sweat or rain, the color may transfer to other clothing.
Do not leave it wet.
Please turn it over and put it in the net.
Please be careful not to fade due to sunlight or lighting.

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