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Made of nylon fabric with metallic color.
Easy-care material that is light and supple and wrinkle-resistant, and can be washed by hand at home.
Continuing the trend of cargo pants, led.tokyo now offers zippers that can be matched with a variety of styles.
It has been designed into a 2-way design that can be attached and detached. A must-have item this season that can be worn as full-length or short pants.
We also recommend leaving the front half of the zipper open to show your knees.
In addition, shorts are also recommended for layering with trendy pants.
A separate petticoat is included without lining so that you can create a layered style with pants.
We recommend wearing them together when wearing them alone. Easy to match with your existing tops,
The highlight is the carefully selected and elegant metallic color. The pants have a drawcord at the hem, so you can wear them with a tighter hem.
These easy pants have an elastic waist, so you can add a relaxed look to your style by pairing them with structured items such as jackets and shirts.

Waist elastic rise 34cm
Hips 58cm
Watari 37
Rise 34
Inseam 74
Hem width 23.5

NYLON 100%
[Lining] POLYESTER 100%

Hand washable

There will be some shrinkage due to washing.
Please be careful not to fade due to sunlight or lighting.
Please note that when it gets wet from sweat or rain, the color may transfer to other clothing.
Please put it in the net when washing.

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