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[Fabric] Broad fabric with an elegant luster and just the right amount of firmness. Although it has a firm grip, it has a soft texture that makes it easy to wear on a daily basis.
Easy care that you can wash at home if it is washable. (Confirmation required)

This overshirt has a loose fit, similar to a men's L size. The intentionally large size adds a modern sense of playfulness, making it a piece that gives you a sophisticated look just by putting it on.
There is a difference in the length of the front and back, and since the back is longer, it has a roomy silhouette that completely hides all the way to the hips, and covers your body shape beautifully without drawing out your body lines.
The overall design is large, so we recommend pairing it with shorts to give it a dress look, or pairing it with knee socks, which are trending this season.
It also features a round slit on the side, so if you add a pattern or color to the bottoms, it will be cute to see it from the side.
Not only can you wear the regular collar as a standard, but you can also wear it as a stand-up collar by turning the collar up and fastening it with a button.
The smooth material makes it a very versatile item that can be worn alone in spring and fall, as a cover-up in the summer to protect against air conditioning, and as a layer under knitwear in the winter.
The center back is embroidered with led.tokyo's signature logo, which has a subtle presence.
The WHITE has GRAY embroidery and the BLUE has RED embroidery, making it attractive to be able to play with subtle colors.

Length 80cm
bust 113 cm
Shoulder width 60cm
Sleeve length 57.5cm
Cuff width 28cm


Machine wash (low)

This product is embroidered. It is very delicate, so please be careful when wearing it to avoid getting it caught on bags or rings. If the embroidery thread breaks, do not force it.
Please do not iron the attached parts.
Adjust the shape and then dry it.
Please do not leave it wet or soak it for a long time.
Please note that the color may change due to the effects of sunlight and other ultraviolet rays.
Use ironing cloth.
Use a laundry net.

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